Oh dear rejection

I am truly going through a phase, where I feel rejected. This poem is about how I interpret that rejection in different forms. I am feeling weak & am in great pain, which is quite close to anxiety. I am trying to accept my situation & trying to look at it differently. Rejection has become my heart opener, if I look deeper.

The demons in me

I’ve gone through alternative therapy, which has opened an unknown part of me, which resulted in writing “Speechless I became”. At the same time, I am fighting against some sort of dark power, which is trying to control me. This poem is about recognizing those demons in me, that are screaming, dancing, laughing, nesting in me and they are trying to break me & making it difficult for me to breathe. Indirectly, they are opening my heart by showing me the pain.

Speechless I became

It all started here when I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being in the form of this poem. It was here I really saw the real me. I was feeling very vulnerable in a beautiful way. Rollercoaster ride filled with inner peace, where I couldn’t differentiate good from bad, joy from sadness, light from dark. Everything was simply as it was supposed to be. I published this poem on 12/01/2017 on FB as I didn’t have a blog back then. Never thought that writing poems would become such an important part of my life…of me. This poem will always be the special one.