My Halloween

Something is going on with me, where I feel the need to scream, as I’m not able to breathe. Darkness, demons are stuck inside. There’s some sort of chaos but I’m still able to rip my layers off to dig deeper to manifest, to find love I am, even though I feel pain.

The Burning Song

Everything was going wrong and I was the reason. That’s’ what I was told, which was true up to a certain point. I have the habit of screaming or shouting when I’m in pain. I am a tall guy, so the family get scared of me whenever I do that. At that time, I felt I was seen as a dragon or some sort of monster, who’s just burning everything with his rage & fear, ready to kill everyone with his eyes. I was not heard at all – only judged. Even though I was in pain & shock, I wrote this poem to reset everything; to look deeper with the pure energies we are; to simply connect the heart and its beat.

My Thunderstorm

A big & serious quarrel resulted in my thunderstorm, when my family got so scared of my yelling that they simply left me alone. I was shaken, broken & filled with sorrow to the core (my heart). This poem helped me in coming out, to accept the situation. I was misunderstood. However, they saw a monster in me.