My Thunderstorm

I am screaming at you so loud

So you can pick the words out of my mouth

You are so much into yourself

Can’t you simply hear me out?

I didn’t ask anything wrong

There was no judgement in my question

No need to add your own fiction

Can’t you just see the real picture?

You keep telling me all my life

It takes time to break free from your old pattern

But oh boy, when it comes to mine

Do I always need to speak out my mind?

There was a knock on the door

I thought you all came back home

But it was only one of my parts

He came back and then disappeared

I am done saying more

I have no energy to go on

My heart seems to be shaken

I feel sorrow and broken

It’s time to find peace

In this very thunderstorm

This is my moment of NOW

It’s the end and I am gone….

Navin’s poems © 2018

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