It’s all started coming back to me
It’s like watching a movie on tele
This tv is nothing but my heart you see
It’s sending the pictures of you & me

The Hero, The Comedian & The Villain you seem
Sitting on the surface of thin skin you wear
They push the buttons to make you feel
The one that you think you wish to be

But is it that reality you want to breathe?
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly is so cheasy
The role of your existence is way milky
The ground you stand on is not shaky

Now rewind all over to watch it again
Give full attention & just do not scan
Dig a bit deeper under that sensitive skin
This time you’ll notice how it all began

Wear the glasses to see that dimension
The God, The Lover & The very Being we mention
The brightest star of the heavy production
The DNA of this beautiful creation
Is all within you beyond sense perception
Close your eyes & sense the deepest relation
Finding yourself is self realization
It’s you & me and our sacred reflections

Navin’s poems © 2018

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