The Reunion

After 24 years, I met most of my mates in India. Even though so many years have gone by, our bond & brotherhood has grown stronger. It’s a great reunion filled with joy, emotions & heartfelt moments. The way we talked & joked around, it was hard to tell the difference from our engineering days, besides the look & physique.

Darkness – the intense light

I was told that after I published Fading Bonds that “It’s sad to see such darkness; I’ve been very very blessed”. I knew that family members would react due to my strong words. I don’t see darkness as something negative. It’s not an attack towards anyone but I need to stand true to myself & my folks. One must have the courage to look deeper without blinking into one’s own eyes. It’s the intense light of a different form. So this poem is my reply. I can feel things will only go silent (/bad) from here. But I don’t care of the consequences, else I would’ve never written such burning poems. It’s about breaking the fake image that has kept the truth hidden since decades under those walls of excuses & stories.