My Barrel

My poems are my expressions. I write very seldom fantasy poems. This poem is a result of the things that were constantly running in my head related to the poems that I had written previously. Lies, Family Bonds, Darkness – the intense light & that dream about My Dearest Mom. None of those poems were about taking revenge. But it’s important for me to address the unspoken & hidden matters. I feel things can only be dissolved if you first give them attention. Else they will keep burning the inside. So there was no other way than to let go by letting it out.

My Dearest Mom

I had this intense dream about my dearest mother, who was in pain & agony. She was clearly suffering, Perhaps I dreamt due to all the stuff, that was going in my head. Lies, Family Bonds, Darkness – the intense light are the poems, that were running as the live stream. She never said a single word against her family when she was alive. But I saw her pain in her eyes, the way she kept quiet. She lived in trauma but her love & respect for the family was bigger, so she didn’t pay attention to herself. It has taken me to realize how she was suffering when she was alive. She talked her heart out through this painful & beautiful dream.