The Strike

I zoomed
Then a boom
What the hell 
You are doomed 

I dropped
On your shop
To simply crop
Your evil plot

The aim
Which I claimed
In your domain
Is now proclaimed

The hit 
On your shit
Was a hit 
Deep respect

If you lie
And still deny 
I’ll then fly
To kill those lies

First you diss 
But then you miss
What a mess
You seem distress

It’s quite simple 
It wasn’t a ripple
It did cripple
Your chair now swivel

If you think
You are that thing
Standing on the brink
And about to shrink

There’s no point to pretend 
And no need to always defend
Play plain & be transparent
Coz you’re close to your end

The meaningful stride
In the fight
To make things right
Bang it’s the strike


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