Beautiful Soul

This poem is dedicated to one of my sons. He’s a great teacher, teaching me the value of patience. His world falls apart if things aren’t the way he wants. I love him whole heartedly & I connect with him at a deeper level as I see him, not just through my eyes. He’s a very intense, sensitive, sweet, loving, sensible & crazy strong (physically) kid. Sometimes I see myself in him, when he’s angry, he’s actually hurt, trying to make his point but turning the world upside down.


This is a fun poem but at the same time I’m mocking the new age rap, which basically not the real kind & that’s why I’m calling it crap. Mumble rap is perhaps quite famous but it has nothing to do with rapping. But then I listened to the new track homicide. What more do I need to add?

Deep & Dark dip

We tend to look away as we link dark moments with something bad & evil. Darkness could be scary but if you look closely, it’s full of deeper meaning & purpose. Darkness can be anger, anxiety, sadness, pain but it’s also heart connection, divine & sacred. Just look at the dark sky in the night – peaceful & beautiful.