Heavy Eclipse

My patterns (the small green heart) are controlling me (the big pink heart, which is pure love) in this moment. Everything looks gloomy & I feel angry & somewhat insane. My pulse is quite high & my heart is simply pounding. My whole world is crashing & I’m having difficulty in falling asleep. My heart, joy, warmth – my life feels like an eclipse to me. All of a sudden, I hear the deeper calling & my heavy eclipse starts to disappear. It’s like I missed the mobile network for some time (scary in today’s world) but then the signal (the sacred connection) is re-established.

The Shed

I’m going back in time when I was in my 20s. How insecured I was, didn’t know what to do with my life & in which direction I wanted to move. I was an engineering student at that time, so it’s quite obvious my world was rotating around it. Commuting in train, staying at hostel, having headaches from time to time, fear of “what ifs”, expectations and what not. This is a walk into my own head; my thoughts, my life, to understand & have compassion.