Everything in the beginning seems so fine
No complaints whatsoever, they’re hard to find
Then you tell me…..
I’m the reason that you’re happy

Your life is now a pretty ten
Everything is clickin’ & making sense
It’s the life you’ve been dreamin’
The perfect picture ready to be framed in

But you see, time has its own perfect sign
It keeps moving on without a single sigh
The moment has now changed
And you on the other hand, seem deranged
So now you tell me…..
I’m the reason of your suffering

Your life is now pretty tensed
Things are crazy broken & make no sense
It’s the life you don’t wanna live at all
Broken & sharp mirror all over your ground

But tell me, is this your very true reality?
Or are you just presenting me in your virtual reality?
When it has nothing to do with virtue & reality
You see, you’re slowly loosing your true identity
But one day you would learn to take the full responsibility
Coz I can’t be the reason of your contentment & casualty
And I won’t take the credit or the blame of your reality

My point is that fluctuations aren’t the ground reality
Finding peace amidst storms & being restless in serenity
Are the states of your inner scene
When your very being is the only thing
Unaffected by the nature’s different screens

Have you noticed the black screen in your brain?
When your thoughts stop talking & you don’t need to strain
It’s that state where everything simply standstill
It’s the moment of endless love, inner peace & real zeal

You’re this very Being, observing from your third eye
You’re the caravan of this life that never truly dies
Where to live is to constantly die
Was the talk between the self & the I


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