The words are flowing in me as I write this poem. Everything is simply connected to each other in a beautiful manner. You need to feel the poem than to analyse it. Connecting heart, with universe, with living creatures and finding perfection in imperfections. Even the beautiful moon has dark spots – be who you really are.

The Devil’s Face

It’s my poem of horrors if you simply read the words. But if you dig deeper, it’s not about the blood bath. It’s about showing the real face, which we tend to hide to give the fake appearance of looking happy & great. To me, it’s not a scary poem, it’s a sacred one – a different art form.

Blinking Ph(r)ase

I’m simply staring at the blinking cursor on my dark screen. It’s similar to my blinking phase in this very moment. I’m restless, scared, quite anxious and panicking as I don’t know whether I would be able to be alone with my kids for 3 months while my wife is studying in another country. But it’s not about putting blame on her as it’s not about her at all. I’m doubting myself & my capabilities. It’s the testing time for me to show I can take care. I’m trying to find the patience, peace – my grounding, as my mind is thinking military. The discipline I need to take care of 2 kids from early morning til I put them to bed & having a full time job, that’s normally full of deadlines. Not a big deal fir several single parents but I feel, our situation quite unique. So I’m kind of terrified but somehow, I’m able to stand on my ground.

Patterns & Forms

This is my inner battle, where my old patterns are trying to control me. I’m experiencing different emotions – fear, anxiety, pain, panic & breathing issues. Experiencing that my inner peace is disturbed by these patterns. At the same time, I’m experiencing something new in me – a change – the new formless form.