Reflection Hologram

In the reflection hologram poem I’m writing about my reflection, how I see & read things. It’s an art to find peace while you’re standing outside in the stormy weather. I’m projecting the deeper dimension & heart connection.


This poem is called keywords. It’s about my conviction that it’s never too late for anything. That’s the main message. No matter how many patterns & issues you’re surrounded with, you always have a choice to bring a change. Most of the people are so much occupied with the Self that they forget that there’s also the Being, which is the real face of a living creature. Openness, connection to heart is the condition.

Beam Intensity

This is the poem about my younger kid, who’s having quite difficult time. Infantile autism is a disorder, which requires proper care, understanding, structure, knowledge & most importantly an open heart. It’s been quite tough but the whole family is learning quite a lot from this little zen master.

Grasp Rings

This poem is about sensing the ripples due to my previous poems. It’s like there’s silence before the storm. I know my poem made an impact, as I feel blacklisted. I don’t care though as I believe in true to myself. My words can cut the stone but I don’t write my lines to take revenge. I write to say that I know what happened back then & I can sense how you feel about it. I will always express what I feel, bleed & the beats I create.

No Grudge

I knew my poem Fading Bonds would make some sound. I knew it’ll be taken into the wrong context coz how I dared open my mouth. My main message was – be real and stop telling stories, lies, fantasies & the fake good deeds. In the end, some of the family members did understand when I was confronted face to face.