Speechless I Became

It all started here…I felt the very first time this need to express my state of Being…what I realized in the form of my very first poem, that I published on 12/01/2017 on FB. I didn’t have a blog back then. Never thought that writing poems would become such an important part of my life…of me. Sharing this special poem with you all……

Speechless I became
When I saw the glimpse of me
Felt a sudden shift
Paused were the thoughts
Everything came to a halt
Tears began to fall
Soul wanted to scream
Inner pain was so real
Wounds wanted to heal
I began to breathe
Transparent in the moment
Vulnerability at its peak
The moment of inner peace
Where joy and sadness were one
Good and bad had no meaning
Darkness was the Light
Loved that very Sight
The moment of true presence
Where Heart was the only Sense
Truth was the One
When I saw me


8 thoughts on “Speechless I Became

  1. The words spun is the fun. This reality of a gift of such a sensational life….what an interesting plight…glad to have read your words of the things you’ve seen, felt & heard. Thank you for caring enough to share

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    1. Thank you for reading & commenting. This poem describes in brief how I felt….a sudden opening in me….that I had never ever felt in my life….I actually saw me….

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      1. It seemed to take quite a few times to break this control of mind. Being off all medications was the final call. Ready or not here i come….hahaha….humor has to stay…..the twist to laughter is another way to play.

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      2. Rightly said….agree
        It’s time to unmask the joker…to remove the makeup…to show the beautiful heart…to unravel the raw…that’s hiding behind the face…behind the laughter

        This click is simply great….even I don’t know your name….even I don’t know many things about you….but the beauty is….there’s no need….the energy doesn’t have a name / sex / address / personality……Energy is energy in its purest form…..And I sense yours!

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