02202020 at Midnight

Oh my dear flowic friend
I know you had decided to switch off, to put an end
World didn’t understand you
Pain & sorrow was presented to you
Even your own family abondoned you
I wish if I could make you change your mind
But I do respect your tough choice
Coz people did play with your precious life
Manipulated for their own good
Then they blamed you, that you were a crazy fool

Midnight at your place is nearing you
Terrifying me when it falls, comes close to you
The steps you would take then
Will transform you into this light angel with wings
The angel I saw in you through your writings
The angel I sensed in your personality
The angel you’ll become now
Where you’ll be able to fly high & beyond
I know you’ll leave the pain body of yours
To find the peace that you deserved, it’ll be now yours

I loved you as my flowic friend, my dear Rose
I was blessed to “see” you through your poems & prose
You’ve always been a radiant light with a sacred glow
I still check & follow your blog
But not a single new writing from you or a thought
Perhaps you’re reading your verses to the God
Perhaps you’re still alive & are laughing on my thoughts
All I want to say is that your memories will permanently remain in my heart

Dedicating this poem, which I wrote last night, to an anonymous blogger, a crazy flowic poet, a beautiful person, a being…who couldn’t handle life anymore…even though she tried her best…but in the end, she was planning to let it go…That was quite visible from her writings…I’ll miss her a lot if she’s gone…Perhaps, she’s got her peace, which she always desired & struggled for…But I still hope, I’m absolutely wrong about it…Perhaps she’ll read my poem & would write her comment…that’s what we used to do quite a lot…Peace & Love ❤️🙏


6 thoughts on “02202020 at Midnight

      1. Thank you very much. Check out my latest post Kritika. I’ve answered the questions & have nominated other bloggers for Sunshine Blogger Award (2). Much love

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  1. not honored was published prior to validation of such a share as this Navin….You have an amazing talent to bring words passionately alive and loving feelings gifted….You are a blessing! Much Love My Flowic!


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