Daily Wagers’ pandemic

The pandemic is everywhere
It’s hitting people in different ways
A lot of us are lucky though to homestay
But think of those on daily wages
No food, no shelter vs virus; what’s worst for them?
Let’s help them by donating, it’s the least we can

The Covid-19 has hit India as well. Although I don’t live in India anymore but I would like to reach out to everyone to help the ones who are in need, the poor people, the daily wagers. No work, no food & no shelter. Thousands of daily wagers are migrating in massive volumes as they have no other choice. Such scenario can explode the pandemic.

The government of India is doing its best but unfortunately, they can’t fulfill all the needs just by themselves. I’m not doubting their ability but let’s face it, it’ll take time for them to reach out & plan everything. It’s here I’m requesting you to donate, whatever you wish to. Every single drop counts! Help them to help you…

Below are a few ways to donate:



Stree Roshni Trust (you can find the trust on FB)
Current A/c No – 918020081791567
IFSC – UTIB0001362
Axis Bank
Swift code – AXISINBB or AXISINBB296

Gratitude & Much love 🙏❤️



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