Guiding Myself

I’m asking myself to guide me
So I remain focused
I need to push myself to higher level
So I don’t end up where I once was
I must discipline myself for betterment
So I build up the strength that I need

I must listen to my body’s physical & mental side
So I give enough time to myself without the guilty feeling
I must not be hard on myself
So I accept not all days are crazy cool

But I must heal the inside of me first
So I can treat the outside wounds
I must give myself the love & empathy
So I can feel the universe is love
I must meditate & practice mindfulness
So I can calm my nerves & learn to breathe again

But I could also choose to do simply nothing
But then I’ll leave the whole family in trauma, misery & pain
The choice is mine
If I wish to live & shine
Or end up into ashes & die


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