Just Heart It

The simple things are so complicated 

You don’t know how to comprehend it

It’s not like everything is contaminated

I know sometimes you get over excited

Just take a deep breath to not feel suffocated


The mind is what a mind is

It twists you & then you cry this

You look away & then you blame it

It’s not you, what your mind did

So many excuses to simply hide it 

Can you find it, what your mind did?

The fact is you would never find it 

Coz everything you do, you confine it 

You put the disguise & then you deny it

It tricks you coz you are blinded


In the run to find what your mind did 

You keep forgetting you’ve a heart beat

Let me tell you what a heart is

Don’t mind it & just try this

Put your heart in to simply find it

This way you would simplify it

The passion in you is pure heart filled

The love you feel is your heart beat

Heart is all that you ever need

To sense the light your heart is

Just Heart it but don’t always Mind it


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