Speechless I became

One of my best poems

Speechless I became

When I saw the glimpse of me

Felt a sudden shift

Paused were the thoughts

Everything came to a halt

Tears began to fall

Soul wanted to scream

Inner pain was so real

Wounds wanted to heal

I began to breathe

Transparent in the moment

Vulnerability at its peak

The moment of inner peace

Where joy and sadness were one

Good and bad had no meaning

Darkness was the Light

Loved that very Sight

The moment of true presence

Where Heart was the only Sense

Truth was the One

When I saw me

One of my best poems

4 thoughts on “Speechless I became”

  1. Wonderfully penned…. I was trying to pick some of the beautiful lines I liked the most…. But each line is so deep and unique in its own self that I couldn’t…. Keep writing😊

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