Fading bonds

This poem is pure fire unraveling the burning emotions that have been suppressed in me for so many years. I know this poem will create a lot of friction; I might be blacklisted as I’m bringing up the “hush-hush” matter to the surface. I don’t believe in playing fake games & I don’t believe in fake relations. I do believe in karma and no one can run away from it. The words are simply flowing in me just like the blood stream. I’m not driven by rage but it’s about putting the matter out in space.


This poem uncovers the lies that I’ve been told all my life. Sometimes people live in self-denial & want to believe & live the lie. My folk’s biggest sacrifice was twisted to the biggest lie, to come up as the saviour; Godly like. The pain, the suffering, the tears, the trauma was overlooked in the name of lies.