Crafting deep scars on my fleshy surface
Bleeding river from my freakin’ vessels
Writing lines on my broken page with this pointy pencil
Riding waves of different heights of my varied phases
Crying ocean when my brain is heavy & restless
Triggering pain & anxiety through the fear of my perfect imbalance
Spitting crazy when a glass shatters into pieces coz my side is senseless

Beast mode is on to kill the beats of my demons when I turn savage
Mean man I could be when I start biting weaker meanings just like the tasty spinach
Heavy dosage holds me down when I try to peak my mileage
Out of order when the mind shuts off inner lights of my sick driveway
This heart of mine keeps me intact & alive in my sealed claustrophobic space
The highs & lows reset to the innermost mean sea level with conscious deep breaths
My warzone transforms to warmzone, where my life is much more than a deadly threat