The demons in me

I’ve gone through alternative therapy, which has opened an unknown part of me, which resulted in writing “Speechless I became”. At the same time, I am fighting against some sort of dark power, which is trying to control me. This poem is about recognizing those demons in me, that are screaming, dancing, laughing, nesting in me and they are trying to break me & making it difficult for me to breathe. Indirectly, they are opening my heart by showing me the pain.

The demons in me

are screaming and dancing

making me restless;

The demons in me

are whispering and laughing

making me nervous;

The demons in me

are twisting and turning

not letting me breathe;

The demons in me

are nesting inside me

trying to break me in pieces;

The demons in me

are a part of me now

So I let them stay

without giving attention;

The demons in me

are simply reflections

my own interpretations;

The demons in me

are Control, Ego and Painbody

Nobody but me can set them free;

The demons in me

wish to open my Heart

So I let my Self leave

and be the Very Being.

Navin’s poems © 2017

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