The Reunion

So many years have passed by

But time seems to not fly

The tight hugs and swearing

The true signs of deep bonding

The way we greeted & met

And then we were so crazy wet

The ball in the pool

It was so funny & real cool

The hawaiian shirts & glasses

It was time for lots of poses

The 3 min Maggie session

Where mates shared their passion

Dancing on those Punjabi songs

All we needed were some thongs

The fun with beach volley

Oh yeah, we did see big bellies

The topless picture by the beach

Relived the moment with a twitch

Sentimental songs he surely did choose

Simply touched the hearts on the cruise

We did notice a guy in hat though

He filmed us as if he were a drone

And then those intimate talks

Where we did take those hostel walks

The moments are well captured in the frame

It represents strong brotherhood…

…It’s the Reunion scene

Navin’s poems © 2018

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