I could wear a fake smile & fit into the crowd
To hide my real face
But I’d rather keep it real
To show who I really am
That I express openly
Through my poetic phrases

I do write about my life
That has several shades & phases
Coz I don’t see any point in hiding one side
That subsides the whole face
It’s simply sublime to shine on the shrine
Of the true divine in real space

The true beauty doesn’t lies in the make up & disguise
Sometimes it’s living in self denial or to simply please & satisfy
Where everything appears so happy & nice from just a single mile
It took me a while to come closer to the other side
Which wasn’t created by this crazy & manipulative mind
I might share sometimes my vulnerable sides but it’s the strength that I really fire

So if you look deeper into your eyes
They show the reflection of your beautiful heart, the being you are
It’s the imperfect mind & self, which have a bunch of scars
But it still doesn’t matters at all if you honestly ask
A real connection with you is the connection with your heart
That’s what it takes to make you feel aww


10 thoughts on “Unhide”

  1. when you look deeply into your own eyes, you’ll see your soul transparently. The real strength, the real courage and the real fighter, you are!

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